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Sasuke Shuriken The END of SASUKE?
Posted on 2010-Sep-15
UPDATE 2010-SEP-21 from Arsenette

Updated site with news from the Ginza event:

The big news out of the event was that Yuuji made it very clear that there is no Sasuke (26) date set and none of the M9 staff disputed him so that was made clear. A previous Nagano message I received last week stated that a decision about the fate of Sasuke will be made sometime in October. Coupled together with the Yuuji news that makes it unlikely to be a Sasuke in October (unless it's late in the month) but hopefully by October we will find out the fate of the show. If I find out more news, pictures etc. I'll post it on my blog.

UPDATE 2010-SEP-16 from Arsenette

It's been one hell of a 24 hours. Since I posted that I noticed things moving...and LOL No I don't believe my blog caused that stir.

Bad news: Sasuke mobile site didn't work so they canceled it (was available only in Japan). Muscle Park Odaiba (Tokyo) is shutting down after 3 1/2 years (last day is Oct. 31).

Just as I posted the Muscle Park information up I got another email and "some" good news came in.

Sasuke website is back up and they added a small event with Nagano, Yuuji, Naoki and Nakata in Tokyo where they are still making the Iphone app available.

While no official "Sasuke 26" news.. I'm slightly more hopeful if they managed to haul out 4 Sasuke guys for some event in an expensive part of town.

Stay tuned...

Thanks for Arsenette (the Rambling Rican) for posting this today:

Arsenette said...

I've been watching this all summer. So far it doesn't look good. The September date was pulled back in .. July? They've shut down the mobile ap and they just shutdown the official Sasukemania site they had up for a year. With no word from TBS or M9 I'm starting to believe it's canceled. I'll post any updates I hear on my site as usual.

Now with Japanese TV you never know what is going to we'll just have to keep our eyes and ears open and wait to see if this really is the END of SASUKE!?!?

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