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Sasuke Shuriken Memorable Moments - Sasuke 21 - YAMADA Katsumi
Posted on 2010-Oct-31
YAMADA Katsumi (山田 勝己) (aka Mister Sasuke) the leader of the All Stars is an interesting individual. His determination to compete in Sasuke is well known, since it inspired people like NAGANO Makoto to start competing as well. His unwillingness to quit in the face of ever worsening performances might be commendable. However one wonders whether YAMADA may have developed a bit of a co-dependent relationship with Sasuke (needing the fans and the spot light) especially after NAGANO's kanzenseiha in SASUKE/Ninja Warrior #17. Since then Katsumi's performance has really gone down hill and you can see a certain sense of disdain in his face when some competitors succeed (while the rest of the All Stars cheer them on).

There is in Japanese culture a well known relationship between a Sempai (Senior) and a Kohai (Junior) where the kohai is in a sense "in debt" to the Sempai. Since the Sempai came first they have the "primacy". So in Japanese culture it is very rare to see a kohai call a sempai out but in this Sasuke Memorable Moment from SASUKE/Ninja Warrior #21 you'll see NAGANO Makoto (長野 誠) doing just that.

YAMADA has just landed on the mat at the end of the Jumping Spider - ジャンピングスパイダー and it looks (to some anyways) like he fakes a leg injury. At the sight of this NAGANO screams out "Iji mise te! (維持見せて)" which translates to "Show us your guts!". You can see the disgust in NAGANO's face and he then pleads with YAMADA not to "throw in the towel" but to show us what competing in Sasuke is all about. It's telling that two Sasuke's later (SASKUE/Ninja Warrior #23) the announcer is calling NAGANO "Mister Sasuke".

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