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Sasuke Shuriken Monster 9 goes bankrupt!
Posted on 2011-Nov-14
This just in from Arsenette (Rambling Rican)

For those who forgot, Monster 9 are the Producers/Creators/Owners of Sasuke. TBS just does the in-day production and own the broadcast but they are just the distributor. M9 are the ones holding the cards. Either they officially declared bankruptcy. Something that has been hinted at for a year now. Ube's been keeping up with the news and articles as they are found.

Sad.. really sad. Questions still remain about the status of 28 though all the articles confirm that Sasuke 28 was never scheduled. Was hoping the ratings this time helped...but seems it was a little too late. Sasuke was literally the only thing left for M9 since they lost both parks and canceled all the other shows they produced last year and even had to shut down Muscle Musical. Unsure if bankruptcy laws in Japan allow for reorganization as "some" do here in the USA. We just have to wait and see if they survive this or if if this is full liquidation.

I'll get an article on it later today but definitely follow Ube's blog as he will get the stuff first.

Rambling Rican

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