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Sasuke Shuriken SASUKE Rising - The end/beginning of an era
Posted on 2013-Jan-04
SASUKE Rising (also known as Sasuke 28) was aired in Japan on December 27th 2012 and is available for download through various online sources.

This tournament marked a turning point in Sasuke history. First, it was the first Sasuke to take place after Monster9 went bankrupt a year ago. Furthermore it was a Sasuke presented at a black tie dinner complete with two hosts (KABIRA Jae & KATASE Nana) and a table of various VIPs (including FUKIISHI Kazue). But by far the most important feature of this tournament was the retirement of the Sasuke All Stars (with the exception of SHIRATORI Bunpei who did not attend) being replaced by the New All Stars made of up from members of the Shin Sedai (New Generation).

Sasuke Rising Black Tie Dinner
Sasuke RISING Black Tie Dinner

It was kind of cool watching Sasuke from the dinner with the All Stars and the new All Stars and having the hosts comment during the competition. It was certainly different from all of the other Sasuke tournaments in that respect. The good news is that the host commented that there would be a Sasuke 2013 (so perhaps it will be an annual fixture now?).

Another curious thing was the absence of any American Ninja Warrior types or other foreigners (although Li En Zhi from Taiwan was there). This tournament was very much focused on the All Stars as their retirement party (of sorts since TAKEDA and NAGANO both said they would continue to compete).

All in all it was a very good Sasuke with many new obstacles including the "Crazy Cliffhanger" which lived up to its name.

Sasuke Rising Crazy Cliffhanger
Sasuke RISING Crazy Cliffhanger
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