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Sasuke Shuriken Official Sasuke 29 announcement!
Posted on 2013-Mar-21
This just in from the Rambling Rican (posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013):

"Tonight we got confirmation for what we've been hearing brewing for the past couple of months. A new Sasuke tournament is returning! Director Masato Inui 乾雅人 is returning to direct another tournament. Returning to numbers after a break calling it Sasuke Rising, Sasuke 29 is officially slated for "Summer". At this early date we are still not sure when it will be recording in Japan. That said, it's good to confirm a few things. TBS created a page for Sasuke 29 on their website ( The tournament name IS "Sasuke 29". There was quite a bit of confusion when Sasuke Rising title came out for Sasuke 28. They are not using Sasuke Rising for this but will be returning to "Sasuke". If history repeats they will just call it Sasuke 2013 in all of the saddle-cloths. TBS website officially calls it Sasuke 29 so all is good!"

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