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Posted on 2008-Nov-28
Welcome to the SASUKE Central website. SASUKE Central is of course inspired by the Japanese Obstacle Course Game Show of the same name. SASUKE began in 1997 as an add on to Muscle Ranking, but became a show unto itself when Muscle Ranking was discontinued. For more information on the history of SASUKE see the history page.

SASUKE continues to grow in awareness and following as more and more people discover this amazing program. This has been due no doubt to the rebroadcasting of SASUKE as "Ninja Warrior" in the US by G4TV and by other broadcasters in various countries around the world.

The goal of SASUKE Central is to provide the ultimate repository of SASUKE information. As such we are looking for other like minded SASUKE enthusiasts to join in building the most comprehensive database of SASUKE information possible. If you would like to join the team send an email to .

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