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Sasuke Shuriken Help Wanted....needed?
Posted on 2010-Mar-21
Hi All,

My apologies for not keeping Sasuke Central more up to date. I am just finding that with two small kids and a demanding job that I just don't have the time to add in all the updates...especially due to the vast amount of information that is generated from just one Sasuke tournament. Plus my wife and I really like to focus our efforts on hosting Sasuke parties (as soon as we get the DVDs from Japan) and began Sasuke Central to help support those parties and the web efforts tend to take away from the parties.

In addition there are some really GREAT Sasuke resources available (,,, on the net in addition to Wikipedia (

If there's anyone out there interested in helping to keep the site up to date (strong php and html skills a must) shoot me an email to If there is no interest then I'll be happy to have made some small contribution to the Sasuke community....and call it a day.


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