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Sasuke ShurikenSASUKE2006秋 (SASUKE #17)
Tokyo Broadcasting System [TBS] broadcast date Wednesday, October 11th, 2006

Stage Results Overview
Competitors to clear 1ST Stage = 11
Competitors to clear 2ND Stage = 8
Competitors to clear 3RD Stage = 2
Competitors to clear FINAL Stage = 1
Top 5SASUKE #17 - Top 5 Results
The top 5 performances for this competition are listed by highest obstacle and then by competitior number.
Name (氏名) # Result - Obstacle Stage
長野 誠
99 Sasuke Stage Cleared COMPLETED - FINAL Stage
(完全制覇 with 2.5 seconds to spare)
長崎 峻侑
87 Sasuke Stage Failed - Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り FINAL
TAKEDA Toshihiro
TAKEDA Toshihiro
竹田 敏浩
91 Sasuke Stage Failed - Pipe Slider - パイプスライダー 3RD
Paul Anthony Terek
86 Sasuke Stage Failed - Cliffhanger - クリフハンガー 3RD
白鳥 文平
81 Sasuke Stage Failed - Body Prop - ボディプロップ 3RD
MicrophoneSASUKE #17 - Commentators
Announcer (アナウンサー) Competitors Covered
初田 啓介
1ST Stage: 1st - 30th / 81st - 100th , 2ND Stage, 3RD Stage
and FINAL stage
小笠原 亘
1ST Stage: 31st - 80th
SASUKE #17 - Course (Obstacle) Configuration
Total Obstacles = 24
SASUKE 1ST Stage image
Time Limit = 85 seconds

01. Rokudantobi (Sextuple Step) - 六段跳び

02. Maruta Zaka (Log Slope) - 丸太坂 NEW

03. Sandan Rolling Maruta (Rolling Log) - 三段ローリング丸太

04. Cross Bridge - クロスブリッジ

05. Circle Slider - サークルスライダー NEW

06. Jump Hang - ジャンプハング

07. Soritatsu Kabe (Warped Wall) - そり立つ壁

08. Tarzan Jump - ターザンジャンプ

09. Rope Climb - ロープクライム

SASUKE 2ND Stage image
Time Limit = 65 seconds

10. Chain Raction - チェーンリアクション

Brick Climb - ブリッククライム

11. Spider Walk - スパイダーウォーク

12. Balance Tank - バランスタンク

13. Metal Spin - メタルスピン

14. Wall Lifting - ウォールリフティング

SASUKE 3RD Stage image
Time Limit = none

15. Arm Rings - アームリング

16. Body Prop - ボディプロップ

17. Curtain Cling - カーテンクリング

18. Cliffhanger - クリフハンガー

19. Jumping Bars - ジャンピングバー

20. Climbing Bars - クライミングバー

21. Devil Buranko (Devil's Swing) - デビルブランコ

22. Pipe Slider - パイプスライダー

SASUKE FINAL Stage image
Time Limit = 30 seconds

23. Spider Climb - スパイダークライム

24. Tsuna Nobori (Rope Climb aka Final Rope) - 綱登り

SASUKE/Ninja Warrior #17 was a "Fall "Classic" for sure. Since it was when NAGANO Makoto, after three unsuccessful attempts, achieved KANZENSEIHA (Total Victory). ENJOY!
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Kyujuichikiro (91 Kilos)!
Decathlete Paul Anthony Terek (ポール・アンソニー・テレック) exploded onto the scene in SASUKE #17. HATSUTA Keisuke (the announcer) kept repeating Paul's weight of 91 kilograms which in Japanese is "Kyujuichikiro". When Paul went from the Circle Slider to the Jump Hang in the 1ST Stage he jumped so far that he was able to grab the top bar of the Jump Hang much to the amazement of the crowd and competitors alike.
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Notes The 17th Competition, official name: SASUKE2006秋 (literally SASUKE 2006 Fall) was a historic tournament in the history of SASUKE as Nagano Makoto became only the second man to ever achieve kanzenseiha. The First Stage had two new obstacles added, the Maruta Zaka and the Circle Slider. The time limit was only 85 seconds, the lowest since SASUKE 13. Preliminary trials were held for this tournament. Preliminaries included the bus tour trial (one representative), SASUKE 17 trials (eight representatives), professionals trial (2 representatives), and Taiwan preliminaries (one representative). Leading the qualifiers were Adachi Yūta and Li En Zhi, who both cleared the First Stage. Adachi would even clear the Second Stage but failed the Third Stage's Body Prop. Takeda Toshihiro was once again denied a spot in the Final Stage when he failed the jump from the Pipe Slider. Nagasaki Shunsuke became the youngest person ever to make the Final Stage at 18 years old (tying Kawashima Takayuki) but timed out on the Tsuna Nobori. However it was All-Star Nagano Makoto who stole the show, blazing through all the obstacles and defeating the Final Stage with 2.56 seconds left.

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