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Passing Wall - パッシングウォール
Sasuke Shuriken Passing Wall
The Passing Wall (パッシングウォール) is the new final obstacle in the Second Stage as of SASUKE RISING, replacing the long standing Wall Lifting, which appeared in every tournament (sans SASUKE 18). The Passing Wall functions similar to the Wall Lifting in that the first and third walls must be lifted to advance, the only difference being the second wall must now be pulled apart to advance through it. The first wall is 30kg (66 lbs) and has just two small handholds with the entire middle section blocked off. Although the weight of the second wall was not revealed on-screen, the third wall was 50kg (110 lbs) just like Wall Lifting. It retired one competitor in its debut, Matachi Ryo, who couldn't lift the first wall and subsequently timed out.

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Competitions in which this obstacle appears:

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Deta Saito
Lost in Ube
Rambling Rican
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