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Swap Salmon Ladder - スワップサーモンラダー
Sasuke Shuriken Swap Salmon Ladder
The newest incarnation of the Salmon Ladder was introduced in the SASUKE RISING Navi as the Swap Salmon Ladder(スワップサーモンラダー). Like the Double Salmon Ladder, it consists of two parallel wall sets, however both are an equal distance away from the water. There is a total of five rungs, three on the right side and two on the left side. Similar to the jump in the Double Salmon Ladder, the competitor must jump from one rung on one side to another rung on the other side. However, when progressing up the ladder, they must also jump upwards as well as clear the gap. The first two rungs are at equal height. Unlike the previous generations, the Swap Salmon Ladder's rungs automatically switch sides of the wall, generally switching to the reachable side when the competitor is swinging on the opposite wall, and on the back side when the competitor is on the rung directly beneath it. This prevents the competitors from climbing the Salmon Ladder vertically.

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