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Backstream - バックストリーム
Sasuke Shuriken Backstream
The Backstream (バックストリーム) is an obstacle introduced in the Second Stage with the course redesign in SASUKE RISING. This is the first obstacle in SASUKE that allows the competitors to touch the water to progress, as usually, touching the water in any fashion results in disqualification. The obstacle is a large swimming tank, which the competitors must swim the length of to a ladder to move on to the next obstacle. There are also a series of jets towards the end of the obstacle, designed to disrupt their progress to the ladder. Although all competitors to attempt the obstacle cleared it, it helped slow down Matachi Ryo enough to time out at the Passing Wall.

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Competitions in which this obstacle appears:

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Deta Saito
Lost in Ube
Rambling Rican
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