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Iron Paddler - アイアンパドラー
Sasuke Shuriken Iron Paddler
The Iron Paddler (アイアンパドラー) was introduced in SASUKE RISING as the second Third Stage obstacle. It consists of a bar with two dips for handles held on a scaffolding by the competitors' waists, with the ends of the bar having a circular shape to revolve. To complete the obstacle, competitors must hold themselves up using the bar and roll it to the end of the 5 meter scaffolding using the handles, much like the Arm Bike except that the rolling bar is by the competitors' waists thus being the first Third Stage obstacle to strain the triceps specifically. Although no one failed the obstacle, it proved to be very difficult as all three who completed it appeared sapped of energy and showed signs of struggling throughout the obstacle. In fact, all three failed the next obstacle, the Crazy Cliffhanger.

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Competitions in which this obstacle appears:

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Deta Saito
Lost in Ube
Rambling Rican
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