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Sasuke Shuriken Bungee Rope Climb
バンジーロープ クライム
The Bungee Rope Climb (バンジーロープ クライム) is the sixth obstacle of SASUKE's new Third Stage after Urushihara Yuuji's victory in SASUKE 24. It appears to be a variant of the old Rope Junction with elasticized ropes where the competitor must use their momentum to transfer to the next one as the ropes decrease in length. In the new Muscle Park building located in Chitose, this obstacle is the second-to-last obstacle in their "Sasuke Park" attraction. It has been given the name "アンビリカルコード" which transliterates to anbirikarukodo or Umbilical Cord. However, this name was not used. It was renamed as Rope Climb (ロープクライム) in SASUKE 26 in their official website and retained the name change for the SASUKE 27 broadcast.

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Competitions in which this obstacle appears:
#25, #26, #27

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