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Sasuke Shuriken Cycling Road
The Cycling Road (サイクリングロード) is an obstacle introduced in SASUKE 26. Replacing the Floating Boards as the third obstacle of Stage Three, it consists of four wheels spaced out over a large distance. The competitor must throw enough momentum on each wheel to reach the next. It acted more of a strength drainer, as all four who attempted it, cleared it with much less difficulty than the Floating Boards. It was removed in SASUKE 27.

This obstacle was introduced in SASUKE Navi as "Cycling Road." While announcer Ogasawara Wataru also referred to this as such, the onscreen graphic shown during the broadcast said "Cycle Road" (サイクルロード). G4 referred to this obstacle as Cycle Road in its Stage Three preview during American Ninja Warrior.


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Competitions in which this obstacle appears:

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Deta Saito
Lost in Ube
Rambling Rican
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