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Cliffhanger - クリフハンガー
Sasuke Shuriken Cliffhanger
The competitor must traverse three narrow ledges only large enough to be supported by the fingertips (1 inch wide). Since its introduction in the 4th tournament, there have been four different versions.

* The original obstacle had the three ledges at the same height, all the same length at 1.2m (3 ft 11.24 in) each, with 15cm (5.91 in) gaps between them.

* In the following competition, the third ledge was raised 30cm (11.81 in).

* For the 9th competition to the 17th, the first ledge was lengthened to about 2.4m (7 ft 10.48 in), the second ledge was raised to the original height of the third, and the third was lowered 45cm. (17.71in)

* For the 18th competition, the second ledge was shortened to about 77cm (30.31 in) and inclined to an angle of about 12°, making the gap between the second and third bars 1m (3 ft 3.37 in) horizontally. As a small compensation for the added difficulty, the first half of the last bar is larger, making it slightly easier to grab onto after the jump. Since the 19th competition, a diagonal sheet of metal has been added to prevent grabbing the top of the third ledge, as Makoto Nagano did in the 18th competition.


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Competitions in which this obstacle appears:
#04, #05, #06, #07, #08, #09, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17

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