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Gliding Ring - グライディングリング
Sasuke Shuriken Gliding Ring
This obstacle replaced the Pipe Slider in Sasuke/Ninja Warrior #18. Its appearance is similar to the Circle Slider, a first stage obstacle from Sasuke/Ninja Warrior #17. However, the track is shorter and the ring is smaller. Its function is similar to the Pipe Slider, where the competitor needs to push the ring to the end position and swing off the ring over a fairly large gap onto the finishing platform to reach the final stage. There is only one track holding the ring, and the ring's final position also seems to be at the same height as the gap, making the jump needed for success quite difficult. In Sasuke/Ninja Warrior #21, this obstacle was named the "Gliding Ring" but an error in the design made it more similar to the Pipe Slider, requiring competitors to force the ring down the track. This error was fixed in Sasuke/Ninja Warrior #22 however, as the competitor easily glided down along the track.

NOTE: In Sasuke/Ninja Warrior #21, the gap between the ring and the finish pad was announced as being 1 meter in length. However, it is very likely that the gap is in fact larger than this, and it has been suggested that 1 meter was an estimate by the announcer in lieu of the precise measurements.


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Competitions in which this obstacle appears:
#18, #19, #20, #21, #22,#23, #24

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SASUKE #23 - NAGANO Makoto

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