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Jyunidantobi (Twelve Timbers) - 十二段跳び
Sasuke Shuriken Jyunidantobi (Twelve Timbers)
Jyunidantobi is a first stage obstacle that premiered in SASUKE/Ninja Warrior #23 as the first obstacle. Its function is similar to the Godantobi (Quintuple Step) and Rokudantobi (Sextuple Step), except with a total of twelve steps (six on the right, five on the left, and the ending platform) that are closer to each other and narrower than its predecessors. Each of the logs were angled differently to increase difficulty.

SASUKE 1ST Stage image

Competitions in which this obstacle appears:
#23, #24

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SASUKE #25 - ITO Yoshiki

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